• REGISTRATION:We would love to have you join the Miss Apopka candidate line-up and here is how to do it!
    1. Send us an E-mail at missapopkacontestants@gmail.com to let us know you are interested! We are here to walk you through this entire registration process.
    1. Visit the Miss America website at https://www.missamerica.org/signup/ . Scroll down and then click on, “Register to Compete”. You will be directed to answer a few questions and then “Checkout”. It’s just that easy! Remember, there will be a $35 registration fee due at checkout. However, you just have to register one time and it’s good for the entire season. Each local competition you enter will cost an additional $75.
    1. Download and complete the 2023 State and Local Miss Candidate Agreement and Miss Apopka Rules and Regulations Agreement below.
    1. Complete an online questionnaire specific to the Miss Apopka Scholarship Program. This link will be E-mailed to you.
    1. Provide all documents as listed below.
    1. Please note, if you are selected as Miss Apopka your complete packet is required by the Miss Florida Competition.

    NOTICE: Only completed packets will be accepted and are due by September 24, 2022.


    All items listed below MUST be included in your packet:


    • Photocopy of your Birth Certificate
    • Photocopy of your Driver’s License
    • Proof of Eligibility (lease, utility bill, college enrollment document, W-2, etc)
    • High School Diploma (or equivalency) or sealed College Transcript
    • One 5 X 7 high resolution jpg color headshot. White backdrops preferred.
    • High quality MP3 of your talent music.


    Directions to Apopka City Hall